How Would You Kill a Possum?

The morning after update: Well, as it turns out the possum was able to escape from his bag. So he lives…the question is will he be dumb enough to come back 🙂


I’m taking a risk posting about this because people from P.E.T.A. (People Eating Tasty Animals) may read it and think that I’m a Christian animal killer. But sometimes a post just needs to be written. So here we go…

In January when I had my Lasik eye surgery done, one night I came home after seeing a number of clients in the evening. I went into my back room, turned the TV on and noticed a big fat possum laying on the corner of my 52″ big screen television. Naturally, I took a double take and when I realized that this critter had some how entered my home, doing what any woman would do – I got up and ran out of the room and slid the sliding door shut so this big ugly thing couldn’t get into the rest of my house. Then I called my husband who was at a Gideon’s dinner.

When my husband heard my frantic concerns he told me to get a broom and boot it out. (Yeah right…this thing was as big as a house I thought). So I said sure, honey…hung up and eventually called my girlfriend neighbor. She came running over with a mop and when she saw this big fat ugly possum, she didn’t know what to do either – except laugh and giggle in nervousness with me. So I called the police department dispatch and they connected me to animal control.

After the dispatcher and animal control on duty person stopped laughing that I found a possum on top of my TV set, they gladly sent out a man to capture it for me. The problem is that they actually showed up after my husband finally got home (an hour later) and booted this monster out of my house.

And in case you’re wondering the possum came in through the dog door. Apparently my ferocious guard dogs slept while on duty.

Anyway, fast forward to tonight and a few days ago. A few days ago my girl dog joyfully captured a baby possum and brought it into the house. My husband verified that little evil creature was really dead (yes, you have to make sure they are not breathing, because possums…well, play possum) and buried it in our yard. And since it hasn’t risen from the dead, I am glad to tell you as of tonight, that little thing is really dead.

So then there’s tonight. I’m going into my kitchen to get my insulin for my cat who has diabetes and I turn around and both of my dogs are glaring at this little possum they just brought in. They dropped it on one of their beds. So after I confirm I’m not seeing this again, I go to my husband and bring him into our kitchen where he can be the big brave man and remove this thing.

But first…I asked my husband to confirm the possum was dead.

It wasn’t.

And it was also covered in fleas, which I am allergic to.

So my husband then got a paper towel and picked this little possum up by his rat looking ugly tail and brought him outdoors. However, he didn’t want the thing to be around the dogs, and if he had dropped him, our dogs would’ve gotten him for sure. That actually is my option for murdering possums. They come in our yard, big great guard dogs kill them and eat them for lunch. That or I offered my husband the solution that the could put the possum in a bag, take him for a long ride in his car and then drop him off someplace.

My husband then asked me what I thought of him putting the possum in a plastic bag and then just hitting it with a shovel and putting it out of its misery. And while I like the idea of another dead possum, I just didn’t like the idea of my husband killing it with a shovel. So we compromised.

We hung the possum on a nail out back inside a tied plastic garbage bag. If the possum is still there tomorrow morning, we figured it will have died. If it’s gone, then that thing will probably end up being killed eventually by my dogs.

My question is how would you have killed it?


4 Responses to “How Would You Kill a Possum?”

  1. cdog90260 Says:

    couple of ways to kill it. if you have a cage that you can put it in, you can shoot it in the head with a bb gun (doesnt work so well, and can get very messy).

    Another way is to drown it. Find a big trash can to fill up with a little bit of water. BEFORE FILLING it with water, make sure the possum is in a cage, preferably a small one. If you have a cage specifically for catching possums, have an extra box, slightly smaller than the cage. Make sure you put the cage into the trash container with the opening on top. Make sure the possum is at the bottom, open the cage, and stuff the other box inside, trapping the possum at the very bottom.

    Close the cage, and fill up with water. Possums are very strong, so keep a stick handy to keep push it down.

    Another way is to keep the possum in a cage, put the cage into a very strong trash bag, and fill the bag up with CO2.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Hi there, activechristian. It looks like the date on this post is quite old, nevertheless, I thought I would weigh in having had some recent experience. I too am a follower if Christ and have always had a soft heart towards all creatures great and small. That’s why, when my dogs cornered a possum in my backyard the night before last I wanted to get rid of it in a humane way. However, there was no way for this thing to get out of my yard. The dogs wouldn’t leave him alone, and even if he could make a break for it, he was fenced in.

    So, having killed a baby possum quickly (and I believe humanely) this last summer with a powerful whack with a shovel, I thought I would try that method again. This guy was quite a bit bigger but I had just seen a movie the other night where a man was killed with a single whack to the head with a shovel. Easy peasy.

    Surprisingly enough, I learned that Hollywood has deceived me once again. Though I was able to kill this critter via blunt force trauma, it was not the instant, painless death I had hoped for. I definitely could imagine worse but I’d like to find another way next time. Even in retrospect though, I’m still not sure what that would be.

    I’ll let you know if I figure it out 🙂

  3. Jason Podlesny Says:

    I just stabbed a large male to death after fighting with my min-pin in our yard.I feel bad ,but I love my dog.

  4. Peggy Younger Says:

    im having a horrible time with possums stealing, and killing my chickens, so i set up a trap, caught three so far, shot them with my gun, its the only way i can my chickens i had over 150, now have maybe 60… they are a menace… i know we shouldnt kill one of Gods creatures, when its taking food from my family, its time for them to go.

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